On December 15, 2011, Christopher Hitchens, one of the most prominent voices in the New Atheist camp, past away. However, it is certain that Hitchens’ influence will continue to be felt for years to come. Through his books, debates, interviews, editorials and any other medium he could connect through, Hitchens clearly communicated his message in a manner that is equal parts witty and scathing.

In this podcast, staff apologist Sam Welbaum has a conversation with his friend and fellow PhD student Kile Jones on the life and thought of Christopher Hitchens. As an atheist, Kile finds much in Hitchens that resonates with his understanding of the world, and as a Christian, Sam does not. The conversation is a friendly one, with strong points of disagreement, focused centrally around issues in Hitchens’ work God is not Great: How Religion Poisons Everything. Topics discussed involve Hitchens’ life, death bed conversions, the morality or immorality of God, the Christian understanding of heaven and belief and reason, among others.

Here is the link to Doug Wilson on Christopher Hitchens’ passing mentioned in the Podcast:

Here are links to the debates mentioned in the Podcast:
Hitchens and Fry/Catholic Scholars


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