We are very excited to make an important announcement today!

Over the past 17 years, Apologetics.com (affectionately called “ADC”) has been “challenging believers to think, and thinkers to believe.” Over the radio, online, through speaking engagements, and much more, ADC has kept to its mission and we are truly thankful to you for being such an integral part of this work.

Starting today, we are taking ADC to new heights by merging with another nonprofit organization: Renaissance Forum. RenForum (as it is affectionately called) is headed up by one of our very own, Dr. Richard Park. The mission of RenForum is to help Christians connect their life’s calling to a renaissance of culture by communicating truth, cultivating goodness, and creating beauty.

The plans for this merger have been in the works for the past many months; and the board and staff, along with our trusted advisors, believe that this joining of forces is truly for “such a time as this.” By building on and broadening the important work of Christian apologetics, RenForum will bring a fresh approach to Christian cultural engagement. Be sure to tune in for our inaugural radio show (same time and channel) this Friday at midnight, as we spell out our vision, mission, purpose, and plan! Going forward, we will be using our new site: RenaissanceForum.org. Also, get the latest on Facebook at our new URL: Facebook.com/RenForum.

Thank you for being such an important part of our ministry over the past 17 years (!). As we look ahead, we ask your continued partnership in prayer and finances as well as through social media. Thank you again for the many years together – may our Lord bless and lead us to many more …


Harry Edwards & Richard Park
on behalf of the team at Apolgetics.com