Many non-Christians reject the Bible as a historical document as they claim it is merely fiction and is internally inconsistent. Many critics bash the Bible as a culturally regressive text filled with ridiculous fable-like stories and unhistorical happenings. They make fun of strange passages of the Bible that refer to talking snakes and donkeys, the sun stopping in the sky, and all of the animals walking into an ark. Additional attacks include claims that the Bible is full of contradictions and irresolvable errors.

Does the Bible report truth or just myths and fables? Is the Bible a text of fact or fiction? Is all Scripture infallible or is it full of contradictions?

Join Jeremy Livermore, Steve Tsai, and Sam Welbaum as they continue their series in the foundations of apologetics. They discuss the following:

  • Differentiating between an alleged contradiction and an actual contradiction
  • Common errors resulting in specific Bible difficulties and alleged contradictions
  • Specific difficulties such as the “How could the Sun stop in the sky?”, “Who is Cain’s wife?”, “How could the Old Testament Bible characters participate in incest and polygamy?”