CNN recently re-aired a documentary on the person of Jesus Christ (“CNN Presents: Mystery of Jesus” on 12-24-2011 3:00pm EST, see the link below for more information and the transcript). The broadcast depicts mystery surrounding the historical life of Jesus. The comforting and familiar narrating voice of Liam Neeson asks: “Who was Jesus the man? Why is the greatest story ever told also the greatest mystery never solved?.” It features biblical scholars (including Bart Erhman, author of Forged) who guide the show along advising on the tough questions that many today may be facing. Unfortunately, the program seems to provoke more skepticism than answers. While surfacing engaging historical issues, in the end, the viewer is left with some knowledge, a lot of blind faith (for those religious types), and more questions than they had before they began.

But upon historical reflection, what puzzle is actually pieced together? Did Jesus even exist? Did Jesus claim to be God? How probable is it that he was lying? Could he have been crazy? Was he really God? Was he really the Messiah?

Join Jeremy Livermore, Steve Tsai, Harry Edwards, and Sam Welbaum as they discuss the many conclusive evidences for Jesus’ existence, his revealing claims, his God-man nature, and his Messianic identity. CNN PRESENTS: The Mystery of Jesus. Exploring the stories and questions surrounding Jesus, CNN Presents uses research techniques, medical modeling, and analysis from biblical scholars to try to answer: When was Jesus born – and was it in Bethlehem? What did he look like? And how did he really die? From Nazareth to Galilee to Jerusalem, this documentary, narrated by Liam Neeson, recreates Jesus’ largely unknown early life as a young Jewish boy, and then probes the mysteries of his betrayal, trial, execution, and the miracle of his resurrection. (originally aired on April 8, 2004)


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