Resurrection Critics are attacking the historicity of the resurrection like never before. Recently, popular and scholarly criticisms have erupted in books, television, and online. Each attempt to explain away the empty tomb accounts and appearance reports. They seek to show that the Christian belief in a bodily resurrection of Jesus is irrational.

Without the resurrection of Jesus the following is true: Jesus is not God, Jesus is not the Messiah, we are still dead in our sins and there is no way to God or heaven, our faith is in vain (it’s a waste of time, energy, money, etc.), Christianity is based on a lie and not facts of history, the doctrines of Christianity ought to be rejected, and no one ought to be a Christian.

Join Jeremy Livermore, Steve Tsai, Harry Edwards, and Sam Welbaum as they (1) refute common charges brought up against the lines of evidence for the resurrection and (2) show that alternative theories explaining away Jesus’ resurrection have challenges that cannot be overcome.