“God and Logic: The Strange Modern/Postmodern War Against a Reasonable Deity”

A God that cannot be known as He truly is, is exactly as relevant to our lives as one that doesn not exist. A God that does not think in terms of, or more, is not the Himself the basis and ground for logical thought is a deity closer to the devil than the God of Abraham, Issac and Jacob. To think illogically is to think falsely and to think falsely is never to be confused with thinking well. God, our God, is a God of truth. As Jesus said, “You will know the truth and the truth will make you free.” But if one is to have truth, even the very truths of God, one must first have logic, because logic is the way the mind of God thinks, and nothing can come down to us without its form, because “In the beginning was the logic, and the logic was with God, and the logic was God.” John 1:1 CN

“Ever since St. Bernard distrusted Abelard, it has been a mark of piety in some quarters to disparage “mere human reason”; and at the present time existentialistic, neo-orthodox authors object to “straight-line” inference and insist that faith must “curb” logic. Thus they not only refuse to make logic an axiom, but reserve the right to repudiate it. In opposition to the latter view, the following argument will continue to insist on the necessity of logic; and with respect to the contention that Scripture cannot he axiomatic because logic must be, it will be necessary to spell out in greater detail the meaning of Scriptural revelation. Now, since in this context verbal revelation is a revelation from God, the discussion will begin with the relation between God and logic. Afterward will come the relation between logic and the Scripture. And finally the discussion will turn to logic in man.” Gordon H. Clark

With Christopher Neiswonger and Lindsay Brooks.

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