It seems that our world is becoming completely science based. That is, science appears to have fully outperformed the humanities in the battle for realizing the ultimate foundation of the universe. Most often than nought, we find ourselves relying on science and talking about science as if it is the sole source of knowledge. Science has proven trustworthy thus far, hasn’t it? What is it about science that draws us in and pacifies us so easily? The methodology of science is the key. For many, it helps in knowing and living in ways that religion doesn’t. The “scientific method” has yielded fruitful results its compilers never imagined. Its reach and limitations are unknown and exciting. But how far can the method take us? Is it limitless? Will it be our sole access to knowledge in the future? Can we rely on it to inform us about God?

We pose these questions and others to Leslie Wickman, Ph.D. Director and Professor in the Center for Research in Science at Azusa University. Join host Jeremy Livermore and panelists Steve Tsai, Harry Edwards, and Sam Welbaum for this very important and intriguing show!

(Wickman’s experience includes promoting and supporting faculty and student research, science education, and integrations of scientific research into the educational process. Investigation of satellite launch and orbital operations. Comparing robotic, biological, and biotechnology capabilities for military operations. She is a trained EVA/IVA test astronaut, pilot, and athlete. Her expertise also includes life and space siences, and the dialog between science and theology. Additional memberships, activities, and awards include: Lockheed Corporate Astronaut; NASA/Lockheed commendations: Hubble Space Telescope Program; Aerospace Medical Association; American Institute for Aeronautics and Astronautics.)


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