Eavesdrop on a phone call with staff apologist Andy Steiger and biologist/author Dr. Michael Behe on the topic of Darwinism. 150 years after Darwin first published his ideas science has only recently developed the precision to adequately test and study his theory. During this interview Dr. Behe explains what scientist have recently learned and how it is reshaping the debate entirely. Once thought to be unquestionably true, Darwinism is now being questioned from scientist of all stripes. In his book, The Edge of Evolution: The Search for the Limits of Darwinism, Dr. Behe explains what is causing such a fuss. Namely, the explanatory scope of Darwinism is dismal. It can barely account for antibiotic drug resistance let alone the chance construction of the most complex machinery in the universe. Join us for another addition of Apologetics.com where we “Challenge believer to think and thinkers to believe.”


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