Are the Christian beliefs worse, the same, or better, than belief in aliens? That is, do we have better evidence, reasons, and presuppositions, than the believers in aliens?

Listen in as Jeremy Livermore, Steve Tsai, and Sam Welbaum answer these questions and encounter alien existence.

Our goal is to understand the nature of belief in people who have had abductions or just believe that aliens exists and compare that to Christian belief in Jesus. We hope to show that the belief in Jesus is based on something similar but very different than what the belief in aliens are all about. We also hope to show that belief in Jesus is more rational than belief in aliens…some might think that this is easy to do…some might think this is going to be hard to do since Jesus is similar to a unicorn, 4 leaf clover and leprachauns, talking frogs, or aliens.

When Christians attack the alien believers for what we are calling their lack of evidence or bad reasons, do we attack our own epistemological system? Are Christians shooting themselves in the foot? Is a Christian justified? And an alien believer not? Do we have similar eyewitness accounts? Do we have similar intelligent design inferences? Why is the alien encounter guy have bad rationality and ours is to be accepted? What is the difference? Are aliens real? Is it ok for Christians to believe in them?

Questions like these are important and necessary to answer because they point to our core epistemological grounding of Christianity. We guarantee this will be a fun stimulating show! And Jesus wins.


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