Treeology: The Significance of Trees in God’s Creation

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Solar System Designed for Life

Explore three arguments for design in our solar system. This is the third in a series called Science and Faith.

Solar System Designed for Life2023-01-12T12:16:44-08:00

Responding to Darwin

Explore the fundamental ideas of Darwinian evolution. Unpack the difficulty facing Darwinism in its account of biological complexity, and also

Responding to Darwin2023-01-12T10:50:43-08:00

Evidence for Design in Life

Explore what it means for something to be "designed". Investigate how scientific thinkers before Darwin identified evidence for design in

Evidence for Design in Life2023-01-12T10:37:12-08:00

True Biblical Justice

On this episode of the Radio Show, radio host Jon Noyes talks about the cultural understanding of justice. He

True Biblical Justice2022-11-22T08:52:57-08:00


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