Religious Violence, Putin and Ukraine

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Jesus Defeats Death

Listen as Jon Noyes discusses the resurrection account according to Mark and the implication Jesus' defeat of death has for

Jesus Defeats Death2022-04-16T14:53:05-07:00

The Case for Postmillennialism [Part 2 of 2]

Listen as Jon and Chris continue their conversation about postmillennialism. On this episode they discuss why eschatology matters with some

The Case for Postmillennialism [Part 2 of 2]2022-03-19T08:58:36-07:00

Addressing Barriers to Christianity

On this show Dr. Harry Edwards leads a discussion addressing internal and external barriers to Christianity, i.e., anti-intellectualism, scientism, POE,

Addressing Barriers to Christianity2022-03-03T08:07:59-08:00


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