Israel and Hamas Need the Gospel

What is Biblical Manhood?

Join Eric and Jon along with special guest, Andrew Kisumba on this episode of the Radio Show. Listen as

What is Biblical Manhood?2023-10-12T21:22:17-07:00

A Personal Story of Redemption

Join Jon and Chris with special guest Carlo on this episode of the Radio Show. Hear Carlo's personal story

A Personal Story of Redemption2023-08-22T08:48:30-07:00

Should Christian Be Afraid of AI?

Our radio team dives into the fascinating world of artificial intelligence. We embark on an extraordinary journey exploring the cutting-edge

Should Christian Be Afraid of AI?2023-07-07T09:44:12-07:00

Must We Worship God?

Must We Worship God? Introduction The philosophers Tim Bayne and Yujin Nagasawa (henceforth known as BN) state that philosophers have had

Must We Worship God?2023-04-29T10:31:48-07:00


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