Join Jeremy Livermore, Steve Tsai, and Sam Welbaum as they discuss the powerful issues underlying to the recent “International Judge the Quran Day” event (as deemed by a Florida church) such as: the violent reactive murders from muslims in certain middle eastern countries, postmodern tolerance vs. religious dominion, weather or not jihad is justified in Islam, and the like. Our goal is to uproot the deeper motives hiding under the acts of burning the Quran and the reactionary horrific mob killing that took place thereafter. Specifically, we answer the following questions: What does the Quran burning mean for Muslims? What is tolerance and what is not tolerance? Are religious killings appropriate? Can we call them murder (wrong) if they are justified within a religious community? Who are we to say that murdering adulterers in the name of Allah is wrong? Can we in the west even say anything about it? Is Islam silencing the voice of the West? Does Islam teach worldwide submission to Allah? {s5_mp3}koranburning.mp3{/s5_mp3}
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