Undeniable: A Review of Dr. Douglas Axe's Latest Book ()

Jon Noyes, 2019-03-02
Part of the Radio Show series, preached at a Saturdays service

Daniel Keer and Joel Vaughn joined us from the Science and Culture
Network. SCN is affiliated with the Discovery Institute. Their main
purpose is to advance the position that humans are not the consequence
of random processes, exposing bias in
science and exposing new scientific ideas related to human origin that
help explain the gaps in the conventional explanations. They want to
bring the discussion to everyone.

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Then we discussed Dr. Axe's presentation. We first explained materialism
and I think the a brief materialist view. There were two approaches
described by Dr. Axe as ways to counter arguments from materialist view:
introspection and observation. The introspective approach was explained
as a self-defeating argument: In summary: materialists say all that
exists are physical, but that viewpoint can't explain the existence of
thoughts. We described the difference between Numerals and Numbers.

The observation approach was explained in terms of randomness and
likelihood. We explored the alphabet soup example to help characterize
the level of probability required for things to be as they are observed
today as explained by a pure science worldview. Big numbers, low odds.

Hosts: Jonathan Noyes, with Eric Horne and guests Joe Vaughn and Daniel Keer from The Southern California Chapter of The Discovery Institute.


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