Loving Our Catholic Neighbor: A Dialogue with Gavin Ashenden ()

Jason Gallagher, 2020-01-11
Part of the Radio Show series, preached at a Saturdays service

Join us for a fascinating show on Catholicism and Christianity as we discuss places of commonality and differences and whether they are matters of eternal significance. With special guest Tony Yu.

A snapshot of Gavin Ashenden:
Ordained as an Anglican priest in 1980. Later became the Vicar of a Church on the edge of South London. In the 1980’s when he was also vice-chair of Keston College, he was involved in smuggling bibles and medicine into the former Soviet Union.
Occasionally arrested and interrogated by the KGB and other security services.

He spent 23 years at the University of Sussex as a senior lecturer and senior chaplain, lecturing in the Psychology of Religion, Literature, and convening an MA programme in Monotheist Mysticism. In 2008 he was appointed a Chaplain to the Queen. In 2017 he resigned from his chaplaincy to the Queen in order to be free to speak out for the faith in the contested public forum, and subsequently appeared on media outlets across the world, including Fox News in the USA and the Bolt Report in Australia.

Convinced that the consecration of women to the episcopate represented the replacement of apostolic and biblical patterns with the competing culture of the values of Cultural Marxism, and dissenting from the increasing accommodation of the Church of England to radical secular views on gender, he resigned from the Church of England in 2017. On Sunday 22nd of December, Dr Ashenden was received into the Roman Catholic.

Tags: Apologetics, catholic, Ecumenism

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