Secular Humanism: Bioengineering the Abolition of Man ()

Jeremy Livermore, 2014-11-29
Part of the Radio Show series, preached at a Saturdays service

Join Jeremy and Jacob as they reveal the dark utopia of unbridled Secular Humanism. They use C.S. Lewis’ classic work “The Abolition of Man” to weigh in on the foundational principles of Secular Humanism and the remaking of man as seen in new bioengineering marvels.

In his TED talk, humanist philosopher Nick Bostrom stated we can "rewrite human nature." He contents that we must change "Not just the way we think about the world, but the way we are -- our very biology. Human nature would have to change." and "Looking ahead, there is a range of technologies that are almost certain to be developed sooner or later....And even just a couple of these would be enough to transform the human condition." (

In many ways, the intriguing innovations of bioengineering are gradually changing what it means to be human:

Embryonic genetic modifications
accessory technological implants
Rejuvenation medicine
Artificial Intelligence Implants
Machine phase nano-technology
Information Markets

These show our instinctive desire for transcendence over nature. We now have the power to play God and in some sense become God-like. This is the real goal of Secular Humanism. Existentialist Jean Paul Sartre said “Man is the being who wants to be God.” But is this instinctive drive for all authority over ourselves acceptable? Does ability equal right? Who decides the greatest good of humanity? We conclude that the best future for humanity is still based on our imago dei.


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