9 Criticisms to Expose Scientism with Science ()

Jeremy Livermore, 2014-12-27
Part of the Apologetics.com Radio Show series, preached at a Saturdays service

Join Jeremy and Jacob as they reveal the top 9 criticisms of Scientism. Famous atheist philosopher Bertrand Russell once said: “What science cannot discover, mankind cannot know.” More recently, Popular outspoken atheist psychologist Steven Pinker recently shared that it’s not religion or the humanities but science that illuminates “the deepest questions about who we are, where we came from, and how we define the meaning and purpose of our lives.”

These bold claims are reflections of the successful advances of science. But “success” is an understatement. Science has dominated. Science is hailed as the final authority because its answers to so many fundamental human questions have proven reliable. Science is now trusted with the keys to true knowledge, even on matters once attributed to the humanities, religion, and the arts. This is the view known as Scientism.

But can science really address everything? Does science really have answers for all questions? Just where does the scope of science end? They tackle these questions in this show, fully exposing Scientism by examining it in light of the true nature of science.


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