• Jesus Revolution

    He Gets Us, The Jesus Revolution, and Lonnie Frisbee

    In this episode, Jason and Tony take a look at some recent TV and Film media that have sparked conversations about Jesus. With “revivals” floating around our current cultural landscape we take a look at the “He Gets

  • Book

    Joy with a Capital “J”

    With around a quarter of a billion of C. S. Lewis’s books in print and much-loved films adapted from his novels, Lewis is so well known as a Christian writer and apologist that it is easy to forget that

  • porn

    The Ascent of Porn and the Descent of Culture

    In this episode of the Apologetics.com Radio, Dr. Harry Edwards, together with Dr. Jacob Daniel and Lenny Esposito, leads a discussion on the harmful effects of porn and the damage it brings to society. The question that must be


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