• How Can Christians Change Culture

    For far too long Christians have prioritized living separate from the world, compartmentalizing their lives into two spheres--the sacred vs. the secular. However living this way disregards Jesus’ admonition to be salt and light in the world. But

  • #HeGetsUs, But Do We Get Him: Prerequisites to Pre-Evangelism

    The 2024 Super Bowl aired an ad titled #HeGetsUs. This was seen live by over 100 million viewers and was created with the purpose of introducing people to the person of Jesus Christ, the historical Jesus of the

  • Does the Church Have a Role in Shaping Culture?

    In the West today there seems to be an indifference with regard to the role Christians play in shaping culture. Aren't Christians aliens in this world, passively waiting for Christ's return to make all things new? Or rather,


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