• three kings

    Debunking Popular Christmas Myths

    Did three kings follow the star to a newborn Jesus in a stable in December? Is that in the Bible? Join Jon, Chris and, Joel as they discuss and debunk popular Christmas myths

  • Couple having conversation

    Ethos-Logos: The Starting Points & Posture of Apologetics

    In this episode of the Apologetics.com Radio Show, Dr. Harry Edwards, Dr. Jacob Daniel, and Lenny Esposito discuss the important and critical role reason plays in the art and science of defending the

  • congregation

    Covenental Apologetics

    In this show, we discuss the topic of Covenantal Apologetics and it’s relationship to both believers and unbelievers. Covenantal apologetics seeks to bring Van Til’s presuppositional methodology into a more accessible and practical


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