John Dickson’s latest book, A Doubter Guide to the Bible (Grand Rapids: Zondervan, 2015), is a great popular-level handbook-sized piece of literature that presents the basic narrative of the Bible while at the same time dealing with difficult issues. Dickson does a good job of laying out basic views for any given issue (such as how to interpret Genesis 1 or 3) and states his own position on the matter. He addresses violence in the book of Joshua and nicely defends the divinity of Jesus against common myths people believe about Christianity. 

I would highly recommend this book to Christians who desire to know how the stories of the Bible fit together as a narrative, for former Christians to reintroduce themselves to the faith of their upbringing, and for staunch nonbelievers to simply gain a better understanding of what the Bible is about and to also read from a Christian who doesn’t come with the lens of an American evangelical Christian (Dickson is Australian). A Doubter Guide to the Bible can be purchased at Amazon, Zondervan, or through contacting your local Christian bookstore.

Dickson is “a founding director of the Centre for Public Christianity (CPX), an independent research and media company promoting informed discussion about social, ethical and religious issues in modern life, described at its founding in 2007 by the Prime Minister as ‘a welcome development in the spiritual and intellectual life of Australia'” (http://www.johndickson.org/bio.html). He teaches at Macquarie University, University of Sydney, and is a visiting lecturer at Regent College in Vancouver, Canada.