Physics describes reality in a way that humans can understand, see, and access the universe, like no other field of science. Physics provides an opportunity to experience the phenomena of our world in incredibly awe inspiring ways. Upon examination, one can see that the universe is transparent and the physics of the universe are, in fact, beautiful.

So one is called upon by rational science, to continue to ask questions. How? The intellectually curious (in fact that is what any learning mind is especially a scientist) would to be intellectually unsatisfied to just stop there and walk away. A true seeker of knowledge must continue from there. If physics is anything it is a study of finding out how the world works….the why questions are usually asked by the theologians…but how it works is the task of the physicist. So how is it beautiful and not ugly? How is it transparent? What does that really indicate?

It seems that the materialist starting point is unsatisfactory because the laws of nature have a character which is not self-contained but points beyond the laws of nature to deeper intelligibility. Of the main two alternatives: materialism and theism, we contend that theism is the most obvious solution and answer to those who have ears to hear and eyes to see!

Listen in as Jeremy Livermore, Steve Tsai, Harry Edwards, and Sam Welbaum discuss how the universe is beautiful and transparent!

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