It is surprising how many people would agree with the statement “Nothing else exists except that which is physical.” This sentiment can be thought of as naturalism. In that, what is being described is an elimination from attainable knowledge and reality that which is not matter in motion. Thus, our friends that hold to a naturalistic worldview would contend the following: knowledge is that which can be attained only through science (scientism), a grand story of reality (usually big bang with evolution), and an ontology of physics & chemistry determining all causal happenings.

Our goal is to show ‘that Scientific Atheism or Naturalism cannot account for the features of human persons. Alternatively, Christianity explains these features of human persons perfectly. Thus, it is more rational, compelling, and clarifying to hold to Christianity than to Scientific Atheism or Naturalism. That is, because Chrisitianity makes sense of certain characteristics of reality – namely: Consciousness, Libertarian Free Will, Rationality, A Unified Self, Intrinsic Value – that we cannot rationally deny and the other worldviews or philosophical systems are inadequate to make sense of them, they ought to be rejected and Christianity ought to be accepted as at least a rational worldview or belief system. We are going to follow the same flow of the chapter so if you are listening and not reading along with us you will be just fine. But we encourage you to get the book “God is Great, God is Good” (by Craig & Meister) and join us as we traverse through some of the responses from some of the finest Christian thinkers out there to the rather attacking arguments of the more militant new atheists.

The flow of the argument made by Dr. J.P. Moreland in chapter 2 of the book is as follows: The Bible teaches that human beings are made in the image of God. God has endowed human beings with features like he has. If Christianity is true, then these certain features should characterize human beings. Those features do, in fact, characterize human beings. That is – upon inspection – we can easily recognize today that we have certain features, that are to me undeniable traits of my existence. Although some argue and deny them – but are unsuccessful. Thus, these features provide a degree of confirmation for Christianity. Additionally, other alternatives to Christianity do not account for these features found in human beings. That is, when pressed to show how to make sense of certain features of human existence, these worldviews or systems fail. It is not that scientific naturalism just doesn’t have a better explanation of them or a equally sound version, they don’t have an explanation at all! That is, by there own categorical definition of what there view holds to, they are ruled out. Thus, either we deny that we have these features so scientific atheism stands untarnished or we cant deny that we have these features so scientfic atheism must be rejected.

What we have found in the Bible about what we are, who we are, how we be (in an existential sense), is incredibly profound. Moreover, its not that the folks 3000 years ago had some God given epiphanies that help them know who they are, what they are there for, and where they are going; but what God enlightened them to actually gives proof for us today against the attacks on him. That as we encounter ourselves and who we are, what we are here for, and where we are going, we can actually express his existence more perfectly through us unto his glory. As such, we can be bright because he is our being and he has broken down every wall in the past and in doing so continues to break down our walls today, including the walls that naturalists are endlessly rebuilding.

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