As we sojourn through the time between the first and second advent of Christ, this age of grace between the first coming and second coming of Christ, we must answer many challenges with regard to who Jesus is. How is it possible that Jesus is fully God and fully man rather than half-god and half-man? Our Muslim neighbors ask how can God die? Was Mary impregnated by sexual union with God as the Mormons suggest? Did Mary need to be sinless in order for Jesus to be sinless as Roman Catholics suggest? Did The Son of God take on real flesh or did he just appear as real as the Docetists claimed? Was Jesus a multiple personality? When was Jesus begotten?

Even the title of this episode is an example of the care that must be taken when we attempt to articulate the things that surround this most distinctive set of doctrines of the Christian faith. Surely we believe that Christ reigns over the world now from the father’s right hand executing the office of King. Yet there is something more we expect of His Kingship at the second coming than we are experiencing now.

Lindsay Brooks and Kent Moorlach begin with Genesis and outline what the Bible has to say about Christ from the protoevengelium in Genesis 3 through the Gospels and epistles of the New Testament, then trace what the Church has carefully considered in her meditations on the object of her adoration through the centuries. Let this be a primer for further inquiry as we seek to know and explain the Great Mystery of the Christian faith.


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