As Awesome As An Army With Banners: The Story of the Church Since Pentecost

10 days after Jesus Christ ascended into heaven we find 11 faithful men, Mary, Jesus’ mother, and Jesus’ brothers devoting themselves to prayer awaiting a promise they could not have understood. The Holy Spirit came that day like a violent, rushing wind and tongues of fire and the Church was born! Peter spoke a sermon of 500 words and 3000 people were added in an afternoon. 2000 years later, over 2 billion people name the name of Christ. But between then and now persecutions, heresies, schism, the pornocracy, the rise and fall of nations, the invention of new languages, crossing of oceans, wars, the rise of new religions proselytizing by the sword, Darwin and internet pundits have come against those who stand up and say Jesus is Lord. And now we’re told by post-modern historical scholarship that the story as we’ve heard it isn’t the way it happened. Everything from the story of multiple Christianities all equally valid, all totally different and all using Jesus’ name arose and orthodox Christianity was just one among many and just happened to ‘win’, to a Jesus that survived the cross only to father children with Mary of Magdala have been presented as alternative stories of how we got where we are.


Lindsay Brooks host as Radio examines the competing claims as well as the better-than-fiction real story of heroes, villains and intrigue that surround the unfurling of the Church through history!

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