Our Mission

Apologetics.com exists to remove intellectual impediments to Christian faith, thereby enhancing believers’ confidence in, and weakening skeptics’ objections to, the gospel message. We seek to provide the best answers to the most challenging objections to Christian faith in a manner that is most effective with inquirers and most glorifying to God.

Vision Statement

We seek to provide the best answers to the most challenging objections to Christian faith in a manner that is most effective with inquirers and most glorifying to God. It is our vision to engage the church, the wider public, and the academy.

Engaging the Church

The most exciting thing we are currently working on is our video lecture series that will be turned into an exclusively online certificate program in Christian Apologetics. We believe that this will provide a great opportunity for any believer with hardly any knowledge of apologetics to not only become more confident in their own faith but to prepare themselves when the time comes for them to give an answer for the hope that is within them (1 Peter 3:15). To this end, we aim is to educate and equip believers to become effective lay-apologists who winsomely and robustly defend the gospel of our Lord Jesus Christ — to “contend for the faith that was once for all delivered to the saints” (Jude 3).


Engaging the Wider Public

The two main ways that Apologetics.com reaches the wider public is through our radio ministry and website resources. We also reach a wider audience through our social media initiatives, blogging, and public speaking. In addition to the tens of thousands of listeners of our radio show in Southern California, we have seen statistical growth to our website and especially to our social media pages.

Engaging the Academy

Our organization is beginning to acquire a knack for scholarship! Not only are we forming close relationships with current scholars across the globe, but we are also creating homegrown scholars. Dr. Richard Park graduated this past year with a D.Phil. from the University of Oxford in Theology & Religion; his dissertation was on Catholic — Muslim relations in the Phillipines. Sam Welbaum is in his fourth year of his Ph.D. program in Philosophy of Religion and Theology at Claremont Graduate University. Jacob Daniel started his Ph.D. program in Intercultural Studies at Biola University. Kurt Jaros started his distance Ph.D. in Theology through the University of Aberdeen in partnership with Highland Theological College in Scotland. And lastly, Joe Slunaker is in the dissertation phase in his Ph.D. in Old Testament at Golden Gate Theological Seminary. We’re excited to have so many scholars that will make a contribution to the academy in concord with their callings as apologists.


Our Staff

Dr. Harry Edwards
Dr. Harry EdwardsFounder, Chairman and CEO
Harry Edwards, DMin. is married to Minerva and has the privilege of raising two young men. He is the founder and director of Apologetics.com, Inc…
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Jonathan Noyes
Jonathan NoyesRadio Host
Jonathan grew up in Plymouth, MA and attended American University in Washington, DC where he studied criminal justice…
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Jason Gallagher
Jason GallagherRadio Host
Jason has been married to his high school sweetheart Melissa since 2002 and they currently have two daughters, Nevaeh and Hannah and a son, Jason…
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Dr. Leslie Wickman
Dr. Leslie WickmanRadio Host
Leslie Wickman, Ph.D, is an internationally respected research scientist, engineering consultant, author and inspirational speaker.
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Dr. Timothy McGrew
Dr. Timothy McGrewSenior Research Fellow
Timothy McGrew, Ph.D. serves as a Senior Research Fellow with Apologetics.com. He is Professor of Philosophy at Western Michigan University in Kalamazoo, Michigan..
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Dr. Douglas Groothuis
Dr. Douglas GroothuisSenior Research Fellow
Douglas Groothuis, Ph.D. is a Senior Research Fellow with Apologetics.com. Dr. Groothuis has a robust history as a philosopher and apologist of the Christian faith..
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Doctrinal Statements

We take the Old and New Testaments of the Christian Scriptures to be inspired and authoritative for all of faith and practice. However, we also recognize the following post-biblical creeds and confessions as valuable and faithful though not infallible, expressions of Christian orthodoxy.

The Niceno-Constantinopolitan Creed (381)
The Definition of Chalcedon
The Apostles’ Creed
The World Evangelical Alliance Statement of Faith (1951)
The Lausanne Covenant (1974)
The Manila Manifesto (1989)

Other early church creeds and conciliar statements relevant to Christian orthodoxy may be profitably consulted, but we do not include them as part of our doctrinal standards. We also recognize the following modern, international, and interdenominational statements as paradigmatic expressions of evangelicalism.

Other modern confessions, statements of faith, and definitions relevant to evangelicalism may be profitably consulted, but we do not include them as part of our doctrinal standards.

Apologetics.com presents a balanced understanding of complex issues in a clear and articulate fashion. I highly recommend them.

Kenneth D. Boa, Ph.D., D. Phil. President of Reflections Ministries, Atlanta Georgia

The ministry of Apologetics.com has become an important part of the movement in Christian thought, philosophy, and apologetics in Southern California. 

Craig J. Hazen, Editor of Philosophia Christi Director

I heartedly endorse Apologetics.com. It is a quick, convenient and yet deep resource for anyone interested in defending the truth of Christianity. It is changing the way people respond to non-believers.

Hugh Hewitt, J.D. Emmy Award Winning Co-Host of the “Life and Times” on PBS Professor of Law, Chapman University

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